Friday, September 28, 2007


What would happen if the designated worship leader didn't have an order of service? (I mean really didn't have one, not just hadn't written it down?)

Would anyone mind?

What should happen when we go to worship? Do we expect it to?

Saturday, September 22, 2007

The R Word

This blog was started to help process the overload, in various ways, that was coming in while I was at College, which is why it slowed down in holidays and has been absent lately. So it was a bit reactive and didn't in fact do what it said on the tin. Perhaps it now can be a bit more proactive and initiating. (This is as close to a statement of intent as I can get right now.)

I won't change the name as there was precious little theology in it anyway (an issue in itself, ho-hum). Let's see if we can do better. But it's likely to be a grab-bag (that's the polite term, I believe) of what I'm working on at any given moment. Let's not make promises we can't keep. But we will see if anything can be revisited. Don't hold your breath.