Thursday, January 24, 2013

Silence is Golden

Except it isn't available.

Used to be that libraries were quiet places. A respite to ponder, read, browse in peace.

My local library is more like Piccadilly Circus. Two assistants were having a conversation while sorting out the shelves. So all right, it's good to be sociable with your workmates and it must be difficult sometimes to be completely quiet all day. But there are lunch-breaks .... it's not as if they were talking about what they were doing. I went and stood by them to embarrass them into keeping schtum but it didn't seem to work for long.

The customers are no better. Seems like the library is a place to meet your mates for a conversation. Why not go to the coffee shop?

And when the assistants are helping customers, it would be good if the customers went up to the desk, particularly if they're a bit deaf, so that the conversation could be quiet? Rather than standing a few yards away, as they were doing? Mind you even when the young mum went right up to the counter the librarian wasn't so quiet.

We don't have to librarians in glasses glaring and shh-ing at the slightest squeak. But a bit of an effort?

Buy a few signs, Tameside.