Wednesday, July 16, 2008

The Sun Has Got His Hat On

... which is fine, he can do that. But I wish he wouldn't bang on the window so early in the morning to ask me to come out to play.

I do like the long days of summer, that it's light when you are ready to get up and stays light until you're nearly ready to go to bed. (Already the nights have drawn in a bit, beginning to get dark at about half nine and it's only July, but hey.)

But when the bedroom faces east and the sun shines in through even thick dark curtains and wakes me up it can be a bit tiring and increase the chance of me needing an afternoon nap or falling asleep in Eggheads. 4 o'clock, I ask you. Even nearly five is still very early for those of us who really do need our eight hours at least.

Time to have British Double Summer Time? Then it wouldn't get light till six and would still be good at ten?